Renovations Auckland

We carry out renovations on high end properties and on ordinary family homes throughout Auckland.

Phil has worked in the construction industry for over 20 years. He is experienced, careful, resourceful and professional. He is ALWAYS accountable.

Auckland City

PC Res has worked at this beautiful home for over 3 years carrying out renovations, repairing shoddy work completed by other trades. They have also project managed painting and landscaping work.

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Auckland City

We have done carpentry work and project managed other trades at this lovely property for approximately 18 months. During this time, we have also carried out extensive renovations and landscaping work.


Red Beach

Work on this leaky property has been ongoing for the last 18 months, as the client has had funds available.

PC Res’ role has been carpentry and project management.

Projects completed to date:

✓ Extensive decking.
✓ A new roof designed and erected.
✓ Asbestos removed.
✓ New walls and ceilings installed and painted.
✓ Earthworks completed for new driveway.
✓ Large retaining wall.
✓ Double garage and additional bedroom.

Previous Renovations Jobs

Over recent years, he and his team have worked on high-end renovations in Remuera, Herne Bay, Parnell and Coatesville.


High End Renovation Jobs

Please have a look at some of our high end renovation projects.

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